Daniel Karagory

Hello, I am a programmer. This website is a comprehensive list about everything I have done and where I have been. It is meant to be no-nonsense and has not been optimized for PR purposes. If you want my resume, you can get that here.


Linkedin: Daniel Karagory

GitHub: DanielBatteryStapler

Matrix: @daniel:cloud.karagory.com

Mastodon: @daniel@cloud.karagory.com

Discord: George-Wilson#2842

I do not have any other social media.

Conference Publications

I studied national defense policy under my professors Dr. Stacey Connaughton and Dr. Jason Reinhardt which culminated in my paper being presented at the USSTRATCOM Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"Induced Cooperation: A New Strategy for Cyber Deterrence," U.S. Strategic Command Deterrence and Assurance Academic Alliance Conference and Workshop. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March 2022.


I have worked on several projects, and this is a list of all of them that reached a usable status. None of these projects were for an employer or as a school project. I am the sole author except for a couple minor contributions documented in their git commits. All available source code is licensed under a free and open source license.

Karagory Cloud

I host and maintain the Karagory Cloud. It hosts many different services. Its services are not publically available for new users. That said, if you do need something hosted and/or maintained like a website, file share, file backup, or video game server as part of an ethical group, I am willing to do so for no cost if I agree with your group. Please contact me if you have any such need or any questions. The current iteration of the server, Petronius, is implemented using mostly Docker and runs, with the exception of the video games, exclusively free and open-source software. Status information is available on the homepage.


A utility program for converting Guix packages into an AppImage file that is portable for use on other Linux systems. It is not perfect as AppImageKit does not run as a Guix package by itself. Implemented in Scheme Lisp. More information is available in the repo.


A utility program that allows for the templating of config files using inline python code. Implemented in Python. More information is available in the repo.

SCP Conversion Project

An open-source, read-only reimplementation of the SCP Wiki. Implemented as a FastCGI backend in C++. More information is available on the homepage.

Fractal Renderer

A program that can create, optimize, and render, as an animation, Newton fractals. Implemented in C++. Rendered examples are available on the twitter and youtube.

Minimalist CPU and Compiler Collection

A minimalist CPU, assembler, compiler, and debugger/emulator designed to be used as a teaching tool. The CPU is implemented in Logism-Evolution; the assembler, compiler, and debugger/emulator are implemented in C++. Assembler and compiler consume a custom, simple assembly and high-level language. More information is available in the repo.

Imperial Peace

A vector-based video game about flying around in a spaceship, shooting other space ships, and bringing on an era of galatic peace. Programmed exclusively in Java. Download is available in the link above.


A game engine built around adaptability using Vulkan as a rendering backend. Perpetually incomplete and in flux. Implemented in C++ with a previously-functioning Lua api. If a game is ever completed that uses it, I will release it online. Until then, there is just nothing worth releasing.


A website built as a Reddit and imageboard mix. Implemented as a FastCGI backend programmed in C++. More information is available in the repo.

Polish Calculator

A command-line calculator that understands polish-notation expressions. Implemented in C++. More information is avilable in the repo.


Earhart Dining Court, Purdue University

I was a student cook from August 2019 to May 2020.

Division of Financial Aid, Purdue University

I was a financial aid counselor from May 2020 to November 2021.

Hurco Companies, Inc.

I was a software engineering intern from November 2021 to May 2022.


Purdue University, West Lafayette

I received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in May 2022.